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Durgapur, West Bengal : 

  • Durgapur Cement Works

  • Durga Hitech Cement


  • Birla Cement

  • Birla Cement "Samrat"

  • Birla "Premium" Cement 

Birla Cement Portland Slag Cement confirming to IS 455/1998
Packed in HDPE Bags of 50 Kgs each
Birla Cement Samrat Portland Pozzolana Cement confirming to IS 1489 (part-1) : 1991.
Packed in HDPE Bags of 50 kgs each.
Birla Premium Cement Portland Slag Cement Confirming to IS 455/1998
Packed in Paper Bags of 50 Kgs each.

PRODUCTS : Fitness for Purpose

  • Portland Slag Cement compressive strength maintained up to 53 Mpa i.e much higher than minimum 33 Mpa prescribed by BIS in IS 455 : 1998.

  • Portland Pozzolana Cement up to 53 Mpa much higher than minimum requirement in IS 1489 (Part-1) : 1991.


  • Birla Cement - In extensive use for the past 35 years.

  • Birla Cement Samrat - A high quality superior strength cement launched in March 1999 and well-accepted in the market and has gained top slot in a short period.

  • Birla Premium Cement -  A high quality superior strength slag cement, packed in paper bags.

  • Quality Assurance System - Certified in accordance with IS/ISO 9002, and upgraded to IS/ISO 9001 : 2000 in 2004.

  • Product Certified by - Bureau of Indian Standards

  • First major cement plant in West Bengal - Established in 1975 mainly to use Durgapur Steel Plant's waste by-product molten slag and then capacity enhanced to use fly ash, a hazardous waste of thermal plants at Durgapur.

  • Only cement plant in India having - own plant for granulating molten slag obtained from blast furnaces.

  • This served the purpose of not only gainful utilization of a waste product but also took care of environmental pollution.

  • Plant's proximity to the consuming areas in West Bengal and North-Eastern States ensures freshness of product.


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